A big , hai to all the people in the world. Everyone knows about the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. Actually, we are often dragged by these moments. None of the soul in world, never ever forgot to remember about the past. All these, past, present and future are cuddled one, inseparable.


For what purpose, we have to study? …..There are many answers for this peculiar question…ironic
But the most important thing is, we study for our future, better life with a recognisable salary. Of course, its really hard to study, because we are not much practiced to study😊😊😊

Have this thing in your mind. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, International boxer, the stubborn person with victory, who never compromised with the word, victory. He never like the practice session, even a single minute,  but he continued the practice for the future , for his own life, not for anyone’ s wish. So what I am trying to say is, please do study for your own life, do things for your future, never study for others wish. Sometimes, others words would make you give up the process; they might criticise you and put you down.

So its better to make your wish for your own sake, not for heaven’s sake. Of course, your improvement slightly increases , but never decreases.ALL THE BEST FOR THE IMMENSE EFFORT.




What is the purpose to born as a human in the earth? Automatically, our minds brush up the left brain to reveal some reasons, like we did some righteous things in the previous birth and so we are ‘promoted’ to born as a human , the life cycle have to make a turn and so we born as a human and so on the reasons goes.

The truth behind the purpose to born as a human is to serve. Absolutely, I am not swaggering about my religious thoughts or else gonna’ preach any religious books…..I just try to make sense about the people around you.

Have you ever hate a person???
Of course, yes i do. But, have you ever love the person whom you hate??? Of course, not. How can we people, love such an idiotic and irritating , egoist, head-weight and so on person. Suddenly, you might think , Excuse me blogger, Are you okay? Everything is fine with you?

Why don’ t you change your hatred into a love …..change is essential in life…..seriously, i’m not joking…..make a try  for one day…..From the morning  to the end of the day, just make a smile and greet all the people around you… it may be your home, institution, transport, office, watchman in the gate, janitor in your office, door keeper in the institution.Just make a try for another day and continue it forever….. of course, certain consequences will break your humble patience , but,  sure you will recover from it…..and start to refresh the minds of other people.

Everyone knows , in a day, we have two types of attitude, one is happiness and other is  with a long-face and grumpy look upon all the people you came across.Its not absolutely important to start a day with good plan but with good attitude…  i hope you like this post….don’ t let anyone to dull your sparkle…..smile forever, hurt never

Title of this post, sourire , a french word, means SMILE…


I hope that everyone could remember the date 26th November  of this year………

If not then , i will give you some clues

  1.  Preamble
  2.  constitution

okay, i hope some people would find it through the hands of technology. Actually it is nothing but , ” THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA” enacted on 26th of November 1949

                                                  THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA


                                                   WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA,

                                having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a

                                                   SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST

                                       SECULAR     DEMOCRATIC     REPUBLIC

                                                  and  to secure to all its citizens;

                                         JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

                                             LIBERTY of  thought,  expression,

                                                     belief , faith and worship;

                                       EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;

                                               and to promote among them all

                                       FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the

                                                 individual and the unity and

                                                    integrity of the Nation;

                                              IN OUR CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY

                                       this twenty -sixth day of November, 1949,do

                              HEREBY ADOPT , ENACT AND GIVE TO OURSELVES

                                                      THIS CONSTITUTION.

Dr. B. R.  Ambedhkar, the head of the drafting committee , while framing the constitution of  India.

Caste discrimination is the prevailing one in our country.  The prevailing caste discrimination is all because of the divisions made by our ancestors.pyramid-of-caste-system

Now,in the age of modernism , we would see a slight decrease in the thoughts of caste based discrimination among the people.  There is caste above friendship, in the sense, people not bothering about the caste to form friendships  with others.  Even, the economic status of lower caste and upper caste has  changed.  We could see a social mobility among the people.

The Government still sticking to the old systems and terms.  We people, all know about  the term, “RESERVATION” based opportunities in all fields.  People do not consider it as a social issue, but it has major threats and impact than the other social issues. I Hope,everyone is  not satisfied in such a system . WHAT AM I TRYING TO SAY IS ?

Hereafter, no more  “RESERVATION”  just  make  it as “OPEN TO ALL”, if the students and  people has the talents and knowledge , they can achieve the thing.  The  Government should implement such method in everything like social, political , and education ……..Why am I stressing this method ?  there is a reason…….. every problem arise because of this reservation quota , from doctor to clerk , students with low marks and poor knowledge easily pursue the seat of medicine or engineer ……..student with good marks  and good knowledge cannot even enter dental or other fields……..all  because of  this damn RESERVATION. So, they want to remove such method and make it open all.


PEOPLE MAY ASK ,WHAT ABOUT THE STUDENTS  IN VILLAGES ? WON’T THEY SUFFER BECAUSE OF THIS SYSTEM?……… ya, i have a plan for such problem.  On that case, where we should introduce, THE FACILITY AND ECONOMY  BASED RESERVATION.  For example,  The students in cities and metropolis ,they  have ample facilities and opportunities  to score a good mark in exams or entrance exams or any competitive exam, But the students in village do not have such facilities ,so  we have  to  set a certain criteria for them.

                                This method would be risky to implement  it,  if we implement it, we will have the talented and worthy people on every fields.  


Then ,  I would  like to write some words about the term  SUBSIDY.  I Hope that , everyone know the meaning of the term, if not,then, a financial support to an individual based on their  ECONOMIC STATUS; But, our Government took this in different perspective, i.e., They state the  economic status on the basis of their caste,  for example, Man with sufficient riches , but still he or she get the subsidy amount from the Government on the basis of their  caste ; A  man from the general category , it is hard to move the day, but the government does not consider about them. MY BIG REQUEST IS TO PROVIDE THE SUBSIDY ON THE BASIS OF THEIR ECONOMIC STATUS NOT ON  THE BASIS OF  CASTE. PLEASE DO GIVE UP YOUR SUBSIDY FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN NEED. PLEASE DO THROW THE ROPE TO MAKE THEM COME UP  IN LIFE.

 In our constitution, there is a law, if a person from the lower caste attains administrative position like the most higher position PRESIDENT OR PRIME MINISTER , then , the  Central Government will   REJECT THE RESERVATION SYSTEM……..but , THE REAL JOKE  IS , THE FORMER PRESIDENT OF INDIA ,   HONORABLE  K.R. NARAYAN AND THE PRESENT PRESIDENT OF INDIA,  HONORABLE  RAMNATH GOVIND , WERE FROM THE LOWER CASTE ………..STILL THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT MAKE ANY RECOGNITION ABOUT THE THING.

MY QUESTION , WHY THE GOVERNMENT STILL NOT MAKING CHANGES IN  SUCH SUBSIDY ????????   all because of the worthless politicians.  These  politicians have their hope on the caste based votes.  Even,  in this political system, we have to  set certain criteria to  elect a person  as a representative.   GOVERNMENT IS NOTHING  BUT THE PEOPLE , NOT THESE DAMN POLITICIANS OR OTHER STAFFS…………  People thought that  rajini kanth came to politics , so  there will be change ,  Modi leading a best government , so there will  be  change …….  but, the idiotic  people get to know about it, NOTHING WOULD CHANGE,  UNLESS WE CHANGE .

                       YOU ARE  NOT A  DROP  IN  THE OCEAN




1.  Pyramid of caste system in India ,  Digital Image .                                                                          https://commons.wikimedia.org/org/wiki/FilePyramid_ of _Caste_ system _in India. png

2.  Caste based reservation in India, Digital Image.                                                                              https:// dzoliyonxk8t/wp.conten/uploads/2011/02/07004542/reservatoin-in-india-300*215jpg.

3.  Caste based reservation in India, Digital Image.                                                                               thewoman2407.in/public/upload/thumbs/1458192828_images6.jpg

4.   https://il.wp.com/www.imblogger.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/IMG_20171001_131200.jpg?

5.  untie against reservation in India                                                        https://changeindia 2016.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/unite-against reservation jpg? w=449&h=235.

Stop discrimination


Actually it is none other than a waste
Our ancestors,formed certain groups
in the names of Varnas,

The Old people said:
The life of lower caste is because of their karma,

Why don’t you think of another side dharma, 
We are now in the system of modernism,
There is no need to consider

Identity as a human being is enough:
And it is more than enough,

Don’t avoid them in everything
Don’t draw a circle around you in the name of hesitation,
Human beings were born to be united,
And we should not neglect  them

We were born in the country of Unity in Diversity”
But, still  we consider caste as the primary one



One who cuts and curls our hair,
They are said to be coffeiurs ,
But we don’t even give them
Coffee in proper cups.

One who makes the washroom shines,
They are said to be the Janitors ,
But we consider them
as the Aversion of the society.

One who sweeps the streets
to make it dust free,
They are said to be the Sweepers 
But still we throw our waste
in streets, not in bins.

They are not interested to do this stuff,
For Heaven’s sake oof!
Please don’t describe them
in terms of derogations,
Try to give some appreciations
to their art of work,

Identity as a human being is enough,
And it is more than enough,

They are the seeds,

We are the soil around the seeds,

What are we going to make?

A plant or else a remnant


                           -Harini Nagaraj.


1. discrimination, digital image                                                                                                              spunout.ie/images/made/images/articles/discrimination-report_800_440_80_cl.jpg

Dare to dream

Dream about everything in life,
It is not a crime to dream,
Low aim is a crime in life,
So, you are born to dream.

Sometimes dream curb your sleep,
The same dream would reach you to the high steep,
If you fail to chase your dream,
It would make you scream,

Renunciation and hardships are the twinkling eyes of dream,
Both are cuddled in the veins of dream.
So, dare to do the art of dream:
Enjoy the every moments of dream.

Dreams are the rich cream of life,
If you fail to taste the cream, you will feel sad about it.
So do not miss the chance, rare ones in the life
Be the best with your trust, that’s it.

Aim big and achieve big things in life,
Not to be contented with the dream,
Give life to your dreams,
Then your dreams never be dreams.

– Harini Nagaraj.


1. dream, digital image                                                                                                                              https://i.pinimg.com/236x/7c/02/85/7c02856501b3d64baecadcadc00cclc6495–vance-joy-levitation-photography.jpg


Nothing is permanent in the world,
Even the poem, which you read,
How long the relationships would stay in this world ?
The relationships will not make good deeds.

Nothing is permanent in the world,
But, Money matters a lot in the life,
Does not matter, how many years the money was old ?
There is no life without money in the world !!

DEAR MONEY, Are you a pretender?
You bring happiness to the rich family,
The same YOU, curb the same HAPPINESS of the poor family,
Can’t you be a defender !!

A punctual master of the life in the world,
Even this KING MAKER is not the permanent one in the world,
No one has the power to go back.

One thing is permanent in life,
Birth and death are cuddled one,
BIRTH can never be the permanent one,
But, DEATH, life after the death is the permanent one.

– Harini Nagaraj